Anirudh Salaria


While I was in high school, I had applied to a few American universities and had also taken the SATs, however I wasn’t completely ready to leave home and go abroad. I heard back from a lot of the universities but was tied up between going after my dream and not leaving home. The Broward College program offered by GIC solved this problem and was the perfect fit for me.


Broward College has been an enthralling and a very different learning experience for me. I have discovered myself, my strength, talent and passion in regards to my career as well as an individual. In this journey with Broward and GIC, I have befriended some great personalities who are now my inspiration.

I will treasure this experience all my life.



While I always wanted an American education, I was not ready to leave Mumbai because of my other interests. Fortunately for me the Broward College Program was ideal. I got to stay in Mumbai and still had access to the best American Education. What more could I have asked for!

VANSHI JASANI (Now Florida International University studying Criminal Justice)

The Programs offered by GIC make it much easier to transfer to any international university, and the faculty and courses help you learn each subject in detail and explore your interests.

Vanshi Jashani
Tiara Pawan

TIARA PAWAN (Now University of Toronto studying Business)

I chose Broward for two reasons: I was able stay back with my family for two more years and continue to pursue the American College Education program and it was much cheaper than doing all four years in the US.

ANIRUDDHA VENKATAKRISHNAN (Mathematics, University of British Columbia.)

The 2+2 program is an excellent program for Indian students to study international courses. Broward offers American-qualified teaching faculty which is a great benefit. I received an associate degree at the end of two years and was able to easily apply to universities abroad with a slightly higher acceptance rate as I was already studying in an international college and was considered a transfer student.

SUJAY CHORE (2015-17)

The 2+2 program is a great platform for Indian students to study the international course. Broward offers American-qualified teaching faculty and their teaching qualifications fulfill the norms set by the accrediting body, which is a great benefit. At the end of two years, I will be receiving an associate degree and will be able to apply to universities abroad with a slightly higher acceptance rate as I will be applying as a transfer student.

It is much easier to transfer to any international university and the courses really help you to learn each subject in detail and choose your major.

Parents of MEGHNA PRAKASH (2014-16; Transferred to Boston University)

Like every other parent, we want the best education for our dDaughter. We saw a press clipping about the 2 + 2 programme and were intrigued. We met Dr Sankaran and evaluated the programme. Our daughter Meghna is a classical dancer, having learnt Bharata Natyam for over 13 years and we were keen that she should continue to pursue it for as long as was practical.

The 2 + 2 programme is ideal from this stand point. She gets to do 50 % of her education in India. She will be more mature when at age 21 , she will leave for the US to complete her education. We are getting the best of both “worlds” and also economising on the overall cost.

Parents of SANIKA KADAM (2014-16 Transferred to Rutgers University NJ with $18 000 scholarship)

It is a good program for anyone interested in going to the US. It is especially beneficial to IGCSE/O Level students as it saves them two years, and this curriculum suits their needs. The professors are experienced with the American education system, providing a high quality of learning for the students.

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