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A warm and personal welcome to Garodia International College.

This is an exciting time in India and we are proud to offer a unique opportunity that we believe will create new pathways for students to gain an international degree programme. Precisely, through a partnership with Broward College (a Top 10 US College) we are in the fourth year of offering a fully accredited degree programme here in Mumbai. This enables students to study for 2 years here and then have a guaranteed place in a Florida university in USA for the final 2 years of the degree. What is unique about this? Firstly, with the accumulated credits you can actually apply to transfer to any university worldwide. Over 100 MOU’s are already in place to enable this. Secondly, you will save substantially on university fees and overall costs of study abroad, with the same end result: an international degree. Thirdly, the pathways are broad. You can go onto a Major in any subject from Engineering to Medicine, from Computers to Analytics, from the Sciences to the Arts. Clearly a unique opportunity.

Additionally, we have a partnership with the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) , a highly regarded institution. In brief, students will study for 18 months in Mumbai on a discrete Business and Management degree programme. Again this is fully accredited by the host university. This then leads to the final two study years either in Singapore or in one of 10 globally recognised universities eg UK with LSE, Warwick, Stirling or Birmingham, in USA at Buffalo, in France with Grenoble Institute of Management or in Australia with Sydney, RMIT La Trobe, Wollongong and Monash. Again, you can branch off into linked degree courses like Economics, Analytics and Computers.

So, I look forward to meeting you all. Why not take this opportunity to make an appointment to see how we can help you become a real leader in the world. You will not regret it.
I wish you all the very best.


Ian Davies ,
Dean Garodia International College


Greetings to all students and parents. Being an integral part of GIC and Garodia Education for so many years now, has helped me understand the needs of the students better. The times have changed and we have made sure that Garodia Education as an institution also matches the expectations of the students and gives them the best possible platform to achieve their dreams.

With the digital and technological advancement, the world has become an even smaller space, making our Indian students aspire for holistic international education. We at GIC recognised this need while also understanding the affordability and moving away from home aspect. This led us to offer the best of International Education to our students with no compromise in quality and facility.

We are totally committed to academic excellence and offering the best opportunities, exposure and network of international universities to our students. Our Faculty and team work relentlessly to understand the interests of each student, help them choose the right pathway and take them one step closer to their career goals. We prepare them to take on the world and to become leaders that will innovate in our Global Society.

Our main goal is to simplify the process of studying abroad for Indian Students and Parents while also making it accessible and affordable. We can’t wait to join you on your journey to Global Success!

Nishant Garodia,
Founder, Garodia International College


  • A platform for students to fulfil their ‘Study Abroad’ dreams successfully.
  • Diverse programs, proven transfer successes, and accessible state-of-the-art facilities to give students a distinctive edge.
  • Pathway to 50+ universities for students to explore, experience, learn and begin an international education journey in Mumbai.
  • #1 choice of students for 100% Placements with opportunities for Scholarships.
  • The ideal and affordable option for undergraduate students seeking international education on a state-of-the-art campus.
  • International pedagogy teaching and mentorship by leading subject matter specialists with GICs International Faculty.
  • Counselling to assist and guide facilitating the transition into a global education system with total support to choose career paths that best align with student goals and skills
  • Complete assistance to find the best-suited university with help navigating the maze of numerous colleges and courses.


Nishant Garodia, Managing Director


Managing Director,
Garodia Education

A prolific educationist, Nishant Garodia is known for establishing progressive institutes that have played a significant role in shaping the future of education in India. Through perseverance and innovative ideas, Nishant has spearheaded institutes that focus on developing the overall personality of students. With an in-depth understanding of emerging technologies, he has led Garodia Education institutes to employ methodologies that make learning a fast, easy and interesting process for students. Known for his business acumen and entrepreneurship, Nishant’s key roles have included setting up.
  • P.G. Garodia School
  • Garodia International Centre for Learning
  • Garodia FinlandWay
  • Garodia International College


Garodia Education

Venkatesh Iyer brings in over 15 years of diversified experience in advising various sectors including educational institutions. He specializes in financial and commercial management and his forte is strategy development, mergers and acquisitions, fundraising and cost reduction. He is currently on the boards of leading financial consultancies and IT infrastructure companies. Venkatesh holds a strong track record in developing new business initiatives, driving growth and maintaining strong customer and franchisee relationships. He is passionate about academics, arts and culture.
Venkatesh Iyer


While learning and educating are integral to any under-graduate program, college memories are made and skills are developed outside the classroom. At GIC, we strive to provide a world class campus and best facilities to encourage extracurricular growth, creative thinking and overall development.



It gives us immense happiness and pride to see our students achieve their dreams. 
Here is the story of our Alumni in his/her own words.

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